Why you Can’t See your Favorite Bands – Ticketmaster Proxies

Buying stuff online is great.   Do you remember how much of a pain buying car or home insurance was before the advent of the internet.  You used to have to sit down with a phone and actually speak to the sort of salespeople you actively avoid the rest of the year.  Younger people won’t realize how awful it was, but believe me the boon of not speaking to insurance salesmen justifies the internet on it’s own, in my book at least.

However not everything online is a smooth and relaxing experience though.  Buying something where there is competition is a completely different story and indeed can actually be more frustrating than queuing up in real life.   Take for example a very popular concert, trying to get tickets can be extremely stressful.

You’d think that if you check out he time of release and sit yourself down at a computer with a credit card in hand would be everything you need?  Well think again, as this is probably the start of a very tense hour or so.   The problem is that everyone else is doing the same.  Now if that happens in real life, especially in the UK, people would start a queue and you’d know where you stand.  You can see the other people and have a good idea if you’re going to be successful or not.   This is not the case in the digital world, there’s probably a queue, but you’ve no idea how long it is or whether you’re actually in it.

When concert tickets are released you may think you’re organised but so are thousands of other people doing exactly the same thing.  Your success depends on many things, including how fast and capable the web server is that’s going to be fulfilling these requests.  If it’s an under powered piece of junk then it’s going to fall over and generally be a total disaster.

But it get’s worse, you think you’re organised with your comfy chair and credit card at the ready, well you’re not and unfortunately you’re not even close.  There are others, who takes this stuff very seriously and they’re also intent in buying a lot more tickets than you want too.   You can call them entrepreneurs, opportunists or perhaps more commonly – ‘ticket scalpers’.  People or organisations who simply buy up as many tickets as possible then sell them on to people like us at inflated prices.

They have several things you probably don’t have.  Firstly they use automated software called Ticket Bots to ensure that they’re in the queue before you’ve even pressed a mouse button.  Then they have a selection of servers, Ip addresses and forms of payment in order to make lots and lots of purchases.  All of this is likely to happen while you’re still staring at the selection screen and wondering if your browser has frozen.

The key to heir success i using multiple identities and at the heart of this is using proxies which rotate through IP addresses.    This enables the software to act at lightening speed, with the IP address being switched with every new application that is submitted.   Each one purchasing the maximum allocation for a single customer, there are literally thousands of tickets being purchased in the seconds after release.

Of course the ticket companies are not very impressed with this especially as most of these tickets turn up at several times the cover price on the web a short time after.  They do take preventative action but for every one they do it is normally countered by the ticket scalpers who of course have large profits to protect.   At best they make it more difficult and of course the more expensive they can make the process, the less lucrative it comes and the more tickets are left for real fans.

Unfortunately they don’t look like winning unless there’s some serious supporting legislation.  People have figured out that they can buy specialized address pools from companies who create and sell the best proxies for Ticketmaster applications.  All that’s needed is to rent a few of these for a few weeks and they can clear up with some serious purchases.

So what’s the solution?  Well hopefully legislation will put some stop to this behavior but that could take years depending on where you live.  Many fans have simply embraced the concert and become ticket scalpers themselves.

The Environmental Power of Public Opinion

There are certain things you learn if you start getting involved in the politics of environmental issues. One of the most important ones is that public opinion is vital. We might all admire those eco-friendly initiatives that the large multinational companies start and indeed they’re all welcome. The reality is that they only exist to support their business, it’s because these things matter to their customers. Without the weight of public opinion by these causes, companies and governments tend to veer towards inaction. However you just have to see the outcry about plastics caused by the Blue Planet programme on the BBC to see how powerful opinion can be. Incidentally you can see these sort of documentaries on the BBC from anywhere if you hide your location – check out this article about using a UK TV VPN.

Anyone can easily help stimulate investment in new wind, solar, wave and tidal electricity by choosing to pay for greener electricity through your electricity provider. The very best policy, as utilized in Germany and numerous other nations, is actually one that ensures much higher payments on the electricity market when it comes to people and organizations who create renewable energy. By ensuring a good price was actually paid for green electrical energy, the authorities helped to ensure wind turbines and solar panels an attractive investment, massively increasing storage capacity in an only a few years.

Within the UK, the government adopted a different policy called the Renewables Obligation. This meant that electricity companies had to purchase a certain proportion of their electrical energy from eco-friendly generators, Because of this, the companies could develop ‘green’ tariffs simply by reallocating the renewable energy they had to purchase anyway to these particular customers, creating no extra capacity whatsoever. Good greener tariffs Really don’t despair: anyone can still make a difference by opting for a green tariff if you make sure your electricity provider actually transforms some of your money into new wind mills, wave farms and solar panels.

Ethical Consumer magazine gives each a simple rating to help you make up your mind. In 2007, the National Consumer Council likewise produced a report called ‘Reality or Rhetoric’, which ranked the various tariffs available to customers (www.ncc.org.uk). Both large and small level environment-friendly energy projects will be required to provide our electricity needs in the future. By generating renewable energy at home, you can easily reduce your monthly bills, help sustain a new industry and cut your carbon emissions.

Various modern technologies are actually suitable for different houses, and the most effective option for you will depend upon where you live, in addition to the design of your house, so do get expert advice before purchasing any kit. Renewable energy systems that have actually been used effectively in homes include solar panels, rooftop wind turbines, wood pellet boilers and ground’ and air source heat pumps. Grants to help install renewable energy at home are also available from the government, although they are usually in short supply. In the UK, the Energy Saving Trust and the Low Carbon Buildings Programme can help find expert advice and any available grants.

Further reading: http://www.iplayerabroad.com/2017/04/28/download-bbc-iplayer-videos-abroad/

Who’s Next to Lead New Zealand’s Opposition

It’s an important time in New Zealand politics and many are hoping for something of a new era. The leader of the opposition and previous prime minister Bill English has resigned. He has long been criticised for not having the leadership skills and charisma to take on such an important role and there is some feeling he has been forced out of the position.

There is no real favorite to replace him but here we have identified three of the front runners. To be clear you can get some more information on the New Zealand media sites plus there’s lots of information on the BBC international pages, however to access the BBC iPlayer from New Zealand you’ll need to use a VPN service.

The 3 Former lawyers and Cabinet ministers established their bids yesterday, only one day after Bill English announced the upcoming resignation. Three others are weighing up their options, but of these Mark Mitchell is the more than likely to enter the race. He’s only intrigued in the position of leader, not a deputy, for this competition will be as much about raising his public profile compared to taking the top job probability of taking the top job. To take on difficult and complex portfolios, responsibilities she carried out well under both John Key and Bill English. There’s to take on difficult and complex portfolios, responsibilities she carried out well under both John Key and Bill English capability A lower public profile than the other two might work in her.

A lower public profile than the other two might work in her favor, with the concentrate on the new generation leader in this race. She is socially liberal, but economically describes herself as being in core, heartland National territory. She is not afraid of Judith Collins, which she described as a strong MP and government minister. But Adams adds that the party needs someone to lead the next government, not the next opposition. But he was reluctant to talk in any detail about policy, including any specific issue facing will be the first Mori But he was reluctant to talk in any detail about policy, including any specific issue facing.

This occurred when offered the chance by Morning Report’s Guyon Espiner Mori, an interview still available online as well as on the BBC UK TV site. His use of the 3rd person during his media conference – I am focused on Simon Bridges – made him the object of some ribbing, but he’s popular inside the caucus and has a robust sense of humor. Mr Bridges will give voice to the backbench, the Mr Bridges will give voice to the backbench, the portion of the caucus which has the power of the numbers this term. Amy Adams and her MP: If. Amy Adams and her MP: If somebody going to take a lot more than four to win that is fine, but it is going to take a lot more than four to win.”.

She’s also not scared happy to review her party’s handling of election strategy, with National having won conflicts all over the who’d happy to review her party’s handling of election strategy, with National having won conflicts all over the brand new baby. She’s happy to critique her party’s handling of election strategy, with National having won battles all over the nation appeal to the new, hungry members of the caucus. Ms Collins said National erred when Bill English encouraged voters to cut out the middle man”, in an attempt to marginalise New Zealand First. She’s appeal to the new, hungry members of the caucus, and individuals up throughout the ranks. Her tough talk might appeal to the new, hungry members of the caucus, and there’s no love lost between Ms Collins and some of the more senior MPs.

More Bitcoin Madness

This website actually gets lots of hits from bemused digital investors seeking advice. Much of it stems from a single post I made a few weeks ago relating to Bitcoin – well here it is. Not exactly useful, or indeed incisive, but Google and other search engines have sent thousands of bewildered investors to my post.

Well firstly I should apologize because that post had very little useful information about Bitcoin simply because I know little about it. However I could actually class myself as a successful investor but more by luck than design. Here’s a little rundown of my experience which might perhaps help some people.

I’ve looked at Bitcoin for years without doing much about it (unfortunately) – but I have stumbled into digital currency. About a year ago I was paid for services rendered (oooh err) in a single bitcoin.  It was actually for promoting a residential VPN service so only slightly shady.

I moaned and complained at the time, and wanted the $500 in cash but didn’t get anywhere. About a year later, I looked at my neglected bitcoin payment and realised it was now worth close to $12000 so preceded to turn it into real money. Imagine picking a share or investment that turned 500 bucks into 12000 in a year with little effort and you can begin to understand the excitement of Bitcoin.

Well firstly I figured out how to cash out, it wasn’t hard. I had my Bitcoin Core wallet – which was free and I installed to accept my payment in the first place. Next step was to find someone who would cash out my coins for me, again I was directed to a company. Their name was Kraken and although they have frequent server problems simply because they appear to be overloaded – it’s a bitcoin exchange and you can find it here https://www.kraken.com/. They seem honest, professional and don’t charge extortionate fees so are worth checking out. Well they worked for me and that’s all I can say.

So I transferred my coin, went through the security checks which took a couple of days and I was ready to go. I placed some sell orders selecting the best price option (the default one) and cashed out my Bitcoin at a huge profit. Then I initiated a balance transfer to my bank account, which I worried about a lot but that actually was fine. It took about 48 hours at which point the money appeared in my bank account – that’s me a digital currency trader and a successful one too!

I should also add, although I wanted my Bitcoin cash in my bank account I was a bit worried about missing out on the potential cash fest so made another move.  With no research I checked out the next rival to Bitcoin which turned out to be Ethereum available at a much more reasonable $400 so I bought one – just to stay in the game.

Just checked and that one coin is now worth nearly $1200 a month later, I can’t imagine how much money the big players are making !!!  Mind you will probably all turn into Tulip dust any day soon at least that’s what I’m told.  Yet I have started watching the news, reading crap digital currency sites and wasting my money on expat TV for news on how the markets going.

Want to Work Online? Beware of the Online Scams

Many people are looking to the internet both to make a full time living or simply earn a few extra dollars. Unfortunately if you start searching for methods, there are many that are simply designed to fleece the unsuspecting of their cash. Some of them are fairly simple to spot, money making schemes promising untold riches for a few hours for work. Stay clear of these schemes, which often have pictures of fast cars, luxury holidays and huge mansions – making money online is possible but it’s not that simple.

With lots of individuals being scared of all of the on-line scams on-line, many are wondering if there’s legit ways to earn money online. Simple answer is yes, in fact there’s many millions of people who make their living entirely online. How can I be aware the legit ways to earn money? There are so many fraud manners on the web that actually care how to earn money online. The problem is that if people start to feel that there’s no longer a sincere way to earn money on-line then they’ll always keep wondering. There are plenty of legit ways to earn money on-line that all of them wouldn’t fit in this article.

Have a look at businesses which have been around for a while and you’ll know that there are many legitimate ways. When you find one, you have the ability to basically live wherever you want. There’s nothing to stop you living and working wherever you want, this is one of the biggest advantages to earning your living online – location is irrelevant. Although you should consider investing in a VPN like this one demonstrating how to watch the BBC iPlayer in Spain.

Here are a few legit ways that one can earn money online. Google AdSense people make million dollars each and every month. The wonderful thing about this program is since they do all the work that Google makes it simple. All you need to do is make the post plus they’ll provide the right advertisements to put on your website. EBay Partner: Many people only make their on-line income from selling on eBay. This is a sincere and true company that pays its affiliates each and every month and they don’t need to worry about any activities. Amazon Affiliate Program: One can sell anything, DVD products and the books that you could consider via Amazon Affiliate program.

There are many affiliates which make their living promoting products. For example check out the Clickbank Affiliate Program: it’s one of the oldest affiliate networks. They are reliable and trustworthy and you can sure that you’ll get paid your earnings reliably. All the affiliates are paid in monthly cycles and Clickbank will ensure that if the publisher gets paid, that the affiliate will also get paid.

They make sure that they look after the affiliates. They know that affiliates are working very hard to make the sales plus they want affiliates to know that they’ll look after their paycheck. Affiliates are paid per month and they do not have to worry about the publisher paying them and trying to figure out their commission. Clickbank takes care of both the writer and the affiliate. You must always bear in mind which not since they’re scams out there that implies which the whole industry is a bad place.

It might be a little unfair to call many of these money making schemes complete scams. Many of them are simply over-inflated methods which simply don’t work. The sad fact is that one of the most effective methods to make money online is to sell newcomers these methods at extortionate prices. Don’t be taken in!

John Collins

Expat UK TV

The Road to Riches or Ruin? Investing in Bitcoin

The internet is of course awash with money making ideas and in reality many of them are a waste of time. However there’s one option that has moved into the mainstream over the last few years – digital currencies. They are being talked about everywhere, and whether you hear stories of impending doom or vast riches – investing in these currencies has some merit. There are now many different types of these currencies, however by far the largest is that of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a brand new kind of electronic money with cryptographic keys that’s decentralized to a network of computers utilized by users and miners around the globe and isn’t controlled by a single organization or government. Like some other currency, users can use the electronic money to purchase goods and services on-line and also in some physical stores that accept it as a type of payment.  It doesn’t require any proof of identity,  and you can pay or receive payment almost anonymously without even needing to hide  your location.   However many people do try and hide their location using software like VPNs.  However you might have problems accessing some sites when using a VPN as some like the BBC have blocked them to enforce their region locks.

Currency traders may also trade Bitcoins in Bitcoin exchanges. Bitcoin doesn’t have a centralized authority or clearing house. The peer-to peer payment network is managed by users and miners around the globe. The currency is anonymously transferred directly between users throughout the internet without going through a clearing house.

Bitcoin is created through a process called Bitcoin mining. Miners around the globe use mining software and computers to solve complex bitcoin algorithms and also to approve Bitcoin transactions. They’re awarded with interchange fee and new Bitcoins generated from solving Bitcoin algorithms. There’s a limited amount of Bitcoins in circulation. The difficulty of extracting Bitcoin becomes harder as more Bitcoins are generated, and the maximum amount in circulation is limited to 21 million. This makes Bitcoins more valuable as more individuals use them. A public ledger called Blockchain records all Bitcoin transactions and shows each Bitcoin owner’s respective holdings. Everyone can access the public ledger to verify transactions.

This makes the electronic money more transparent and predictable. The transparency prevents fraud and double spending of the same Bitcoins. The electronic money can be acquired through Bitcoin mining or Bitcoin exchanges. The electronic money is accepted by a limited number of merchants online and in some mortar and brick retailers. Bitcoin purses are utilized for storing Bitcoins, private keys and public addresses and also for anonymously transferring Bitcoins between users. Bitcoins aren’t insured and aren’t protected by government agencies. They can’t be recovered if the secret keys are stolen by a hacker or lost to a failed hard disk drive, or due to the closure of a Bitcoin exchange.

In case the secret keys are lost, the associated Bitcoins can’t be recovered and will be out of circulation. The bitcoin has grown from around $14 to a peak of $11,200 USD this year before dropping back slightly during the time of writing. Bitcoin rose this year because investors speculated that the currency would gain wider acceptance and that it’d increase in price. The currency plunged 50% in December because BTC China announced that it could no longer accept new deposits due to government regulations.

James Collins

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The Philosophy in UK Education

Nobody really studies philosophy much in the UK until they reach University. Certainly the subject  is not really covered in the standard curriculum, apart from some passing references in the RE syllabus.

Why can we go to college? This is not only a question that kids (or educators) are more prone to request on a chilly winter morning. It is a philosophical issue — a question concerning the purpose of schooling.

Much educational thinking relies on the premise the reply is an economical one: learning is a readiness for functioning life.

There’s just another reply, however; one that looks past the world of the economical to this domain of doctrine and, particularly, ethics. According to this perspective, learning is really a readiness not only for function but for the whole of existence.

Socrates set his finger onto it when he requested his good question: the way, then, should people live a good life?

His reply was that we will need to learn how to consider: to consider our own lives, about our area from the broader plot of stuff, and regarding what good-looking, justice, reality and knowledge actually mean.

For Socrates, schooling was than merely a very important cog from the financial system. It was a part of doctrine, a procedure where, through investigating and questioning, we find more on the topic of the mysteries of this amazing world we inhabit and also our very own enigmatic selves.

Education should rediscover its absorbent origins. The infusion of doctrine into the schooling process is enormously enhancing, providing students a much more exciting, hard and meaningful chance to interact with a universe of thoughts and questions.

Philosophy stipulates a space for concluded discussion about the very basic questions whatsoever. The worthiness of the space, in a time when strident self-assertion is drowning out honest, tolerant, open discussion from the general public square, cannot be overstated.

It’s because of this the Philosophy in Education Project, a umbrella company joining people who encourage the job of doctrine in schools, continues to be calling for the inception of a GCSE in doctrine.  There are resources available in the UK, particularly online.  Also the BBC frequently broadcasts all sorts of philosophical programmes although the BBC block these from abroad.

Naturally, there’s already a chance to experience some aspects of this subject through its addition within religious studies; however recent reforms to this topic possess tended to squeeze doctrine’s curricular distance, and, whatever the circumstance, you will find vital parts of the topic (like political doctrine, metaphysics, epistemology along with the doctrine of science) that aren’t included whatsoever.

I am hope, therefore, it will not be overly long before doctrine is awarded its proper place inside the united kingdom qualification frame. Meanwhile, however, what exactly can we do to allow our pupils to gain in the exciting and enriching experience of learning to believe philosophically?

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Harnessing the Power of Viral Marketing

Sometimes you have to be prepared for traffic, this is one of the problems with viral marketing, it’s difficult to predict. Creating a video which is hosted on YouTube which goes viral is not a problem however your wordpress blog hosted on a cheap reseller could be a different matter. Going viral could bring huge benefits or simply crash your site. Of course. Ideally you’ll have a dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth or use a high quality US proxy server to provide some resilience however this is not always possible

When you think about what happens with viral marketing, you will understand that is very much like word of mouth advertising. Being able to harness this kind of momentum can elevate your entire business. If you want to unleash your own viral marketing campaign that goes wild, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You do not need to have a degree in clinical psychology, although that certainly would not hurt. If you are attracted to the idea of working with viral marketing in your business, then here are three effective approaches for you.

One thing you should not give up on is the power of the simple request, and this refers to making the request to your audience to share with everybody. The thing to remember with this is if your content is worthy of being viral, then it really should not need any encouragement. You have no idea which part of what you do will take off and really produce something good for you. You know that you cannot always be hammering your readers to help you, and that is how people will view it if you do this too much.

Remember you have to also do your part by not making things tough to get done. People have long known that audiences respond much more readily when it is easy to do something.

It does not matter what you want to become viral, and it can be written or video content, etc. In short, nothing about what people need to do can be difficult or more than a click or two. You have to make the process as seamless as possible.

You can use a script to track what is happening, but also remember that you will know if something is starting to go viral, or not. All of the most experienced marketers will be able to let you know about this one and why it is indispensable to your success. There are tons of these scripts freely available on the net, and you know that search engine that provides it, too. Once you begin gathering data, then you will of course need to accurately analyze it.

Making your stuff go viral is not an easy task, but at the same time it’s not even difficult. So, of course it is worthwhile to try your hand at this elusive form of marketing.

Unless and until you’re ready to take consistent action, you won’t see results coming your way. Plus you really need to take rejection well because your successes will be fewer and far between. Once you are more familiar with who you are marketing to, then that will make you better prepared to do this.

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Losing our Privacy Online

Many of us seem to accept that we will lose a certain amount of privacy the more our lives become centred around the digital world. After all when we post up details of where we are, what we are doing to hundreds or even thousands of people on social networking sites then it’s obvious privacy is not at the top of our concerns. However I suspect many have not even began to think of some of the wider issues involved and specifically whom we are allowing to see our details.

There are dangers involved and some more obvious than others. Many teenagers for example, have literally thousands of ‘friends’ in sites like Facebook – it’s almost like a popularity contest. A contest I might add am unlikely to win with my rather sad 67 friends listed currently. But imagine the teenager who announces to the masses that they are off on holiday for three weeks with their parents to their 2100 ‘friends’, what a great way for burglars to target properties, car thieves to steal cars or even identity thieves target individuals or their premises some might even use a fast UK VPN to avoid getting caught online.

Handy social apps which announce your location and status to everyone – sounds great, but do you really want thousands of virtual stalkers? Do you want your pictures and images distributed far and wide throughout the digital world. Because that is what happens, photos online can end up anywhere and not just with your few select friends.

The major issue with our browsing is that it is fundamentally built on something pretty much insecure – HTTP. The protocol that we mainly use to browse and surf the internet works great but has no security at all (HTTPS has some but very little). Everything is sent and distributed in clear text – all our posts, web browsing, downloads, messages included. This you can at least do something about by using software like this – demonstrated here.

But even that won’t help you when you’re using the web sites themselves and the internal security. Everything you are and do online has value and such it is valuable information to everyone from companies to governments. There is a reason that Facebook for example record every keystroke you make on their site, including stuff you decide to delete/don’t post – it’s because it’s useful to advertisers.

We feel that we’re in control of our identity when we browse the web but it’s simply not true. For example your IP address is used for a whole host of decisions about your browsing – what you see and how. Take the BBC site for example you are checked as soon as you log on to that site, if you’re ip address is not British then you won’t be able to use the amazing BBC Iplayer application. Well at least unless you do something like this Video – Watch BBC Iplayer from France.

The reality is that by default we have very little control of our personal information, although we can improve that situation. Be careful about what you post and where, check out VPNs and security software that encrypt your connection and make sure your security settings are controlled on any social web sites you use.